conflict resolution

Identify a conflict that you have recently encounteredin a group-either a personalencounter,professional encounter or do research and pick a group conflictwith interesting dynamics.

Prepare a 700 -1000 word essay in which you reconstruct the facts of the conflict and propose a possible solution.The focusof the paper should not be on the conflict and possible solution,but on the process followed in coming to a solution.

address the following;

-What was the conflict about and what was the proposed solution?

-How did the individuals of the group use their personal strengths to come up with a solution to the conflict?

-What other conflict solution techniques could the group have applied to solve the problem/

How did the group arrive at a decision/

type in Arial font 11 with headings in Arial font 12 bold

use 1.5 line spacing

References according to Harvard reference format..

all websites accessed should be referenced with date of access

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