Paper Presentation


Your task is to hold a 15 minute, preferably interactive, presentation on your paper.

You should pay particular attention to the following when preparing your presentation:

  1. What is the motivation of the research?
  2. What related work has been performed?
  3. How the research was conducted, both how data were collected and analyzed?
  4. What are the key findings?
  5. What insights/lessons learned?

You may have to decide what to present as in many cases, it’s unlikely to present every detail of a paper in 15 minutes.

3. Discussion

You should identify a few interesting / critical questions to discuss with the class.

Tips for preparing presentation slides

When preparing your slides, keep the following in mind:

  • Each slide should have one main theme/point
  • Slide title should reflect a theme/point
  • Text
    • use minimal text to help audience follow presentation, not to read all the details
    • don’t type everything you want to say into a slide
    • use just enough text to remind yourself & show important data
    • you can add speaker notes to each slide at the bottom in PowerPoint (not for reading out)
    • keep text large enough to read
    • highlighting may be used to draw attention, e.g., colored text, circles, arrows
    • use bullet points
    • Main bullets should address the slide’s main theme
    • if they don’t, they probably should be on a different slide
    • Sub-bullets should be elaboration of the main points
    • The hierarchy should be obvious by indentation and/or font sizes
  • Figures
    • Include Figures only if they help explain or describe the presentation point
    • include brief captions (not figure numbers) if needed, or highlight important data from figure using circles/arrows/highlights, etc.
    • figures are more appealing to the audience than cluttered text
    • consider reproducing figures if the original is hard to see/read
  • Animation
    • May be good for illustrating difficult concepts or point, but don’t overdo it

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